the pimps of pompe!


If you've ever listened to hip hop and thought, “Boy, this could use a bouncy melody, and perhaps some exciting instrumental improvisation” — or, if you’ve ever bumped gypsy jazz on subs, waiting for the beat to drop, The Pimps of Pompe got you.  Innovating in that sexy and sophisticated territory between modern-day classics and swag of yesteryear, Cindy is blending together two of her most beloved genres into one very blinged out sound.

Taking a Postmodern Jukebox approach, the Pimps of Pompe adapt hip-hop and R&B hits to the lively melodies and driving rhythm of gypsy jazz, pimping out what the French call “la pompe” (the pump). Cynthia (mandolin, vocals) also has a growing repertoire of original material in this fusion of genres. The band’s acoustic instrumentation (mandolin, guitar and upright bass) keeps the music rooted in tradition, while the sound is fresh and innovative. The resulting blend of harmonic sophistication and contemporary lyrics is modern-day folk music that would make Django Reinhardt and Snoop Dogg equally proud. 

Tears/Gin & Juice (Django Reinhardt/Snoop Dogg)

drunk in love (beyoncé)

that thing (lauryn hill)

swing 42/remix to ignition (django reinhardt/r. kelly)

Douce Ambiance (Django Reinhardt)

Billets Doux (traditional gypsy jazz)